Figaro Zincirli Gümüş Zigzag İsimli Çocuk Künyesi
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Figaro Zincirli Gümüş Zigzag İsimli Çocuk Künyesi


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Silver Child Bracelet  Features
Mine:  925 Sterling Silver
Rock:  Zircon
Covering:  14K Gold Plated
Package  Delivery in Gift Box

Affordable Silver Child Bracelet with Name, which Girls and Boys can use comfortably,
You can buy it for your child or choose it as a birthday gift for your loved ones.
Else Silver Silver Jewelry has 12 Months Free Maintenance Guarantee and Else Silver's assurance.


Although it is actually difficult to buy gifts for children, there is nothing like making a child happy. In this special design, we used 14 carat gold plating on 925 Sterling Silver and decorated it with colorful tiny feet. We also placed a small plate next to the tiny feet. You can write your child's name on this plate. 
These cute little feet can be adapted to children of all ages thanks to the silver children's bracelet chain. You can get it as a nice gift for all children from 1 year old. When ordering the bracelet, which can be customized by printing the name, do not forget to add the name you want to print. When using it for babies, we recommend that you make sure that it does not come into contact with the wet wipes because it is close to the hand, as it is gold plated on silver. Wet wipes can shorten the life of the wristband as they are generally alcohol-based. Our products do not darken, but it is still useful to use it carefully.