Black Deer White-Orange Runner Orthopedic Summer Sneaker Shoes
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Black Deer White-Orange Runner Orthopedic Summer Sneaker Shoes


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Black Deer 2021 Summer Collection

Runner Series
One step ahead!

The trend product of the new season, the Action Runner Series, provides you with a solid foothold with its thermo sole and gives you confidence. With Black Deer Runner Sports Shoes, you can easily perform your walking, jogging and sports activities. In addition, with its Memory Live insole, it offers you a soft sole texture and comfortable use. Check out the information at the bottom of the page for detailed information.

Pattern and Me

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Extra Accessory Present!

Live Memory Orthopedic Shoe Insoles

  • Thanks to its anatomical structure, it provides you with a high level of experience

  • Takes the Shape of Your Feet Thanks to Live Memory Technology

  • Provides Appropriate Use for Daily and Business Life

Black Deer Exclusive Shoelaces

  • It changes the air of our shoes due to its structure and quality.

  • It appeals to your style with color and variety combinations.

  • You can use it with your different shoes with our flat and round models.

Black Deer Black Shoe Horn

  • It offers you a comfortable use with its stylish and ergonomic design.

  • Does not contain harmful substances in its raw material

  • With its curved structure, it fits comfortably in your hand and provides comfortable use.

Special non-slip TPU bottom sole

  • It provides long-lasting use thanks to the TPU and special raw materials it contains.

  • Thanks to the thermo sole, you can use it comfortably even on hard and slippery floors.

  • It is safe even in sports activities that require speed and movement thanks to its serrated outer surface.

  • Thanks to its flexible structure, the bottom sole, which takes the shape of your feet in every position, provides you with a comfortable ease of use.

Completely Flexible Interior and Exterior Design

It has a flexible and anatomical structure. Black Deer Runner Sneakers offer you a comfortable experience in sports activities. Thanks to its special bottom base, it does not slip on many floors. Boost technology takes the shape of your foot.

Our new favorite product is here.

Enjoy a comfortable and convenient use with its special design for the new season. Live special experiences in your life with stylish design and many color options.

Technicial Specifications

Black Deer Runner series running, training and sports shoes are specially designed for daily use and performing your sports activities. Runner Series provides you a comfortable use with its stylish design and technical features.


It is made of special textile material and the upper layer is designed lightly that will not tire your feet.


With its flexible structure suitable for human anatomy, it takes the shape of your foot even in extreme movements.


Feel comfortable with an upper layer that does not disturb your feet and a live memory tegnology soft insole.

Shock Absorber

The TPU sole is specially molded to protect your feet against hard impacts.

Breathable Exterior

The breathable outer surface ensures air circulation and ensures that your feet do not sweat.

stylish design

It has been specially designed for you in many color options with its new and stylish style.

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